Friday, October 16, 2009

This morning it's chilly, damp, and drizzly: runny-nose weather. The sheep are soggy, the the dogs are sleeping, the human's enthusiasm is low, but the chickens seem unaffected. They roil out of the chicken house when the doors open in the morning, looking for bugs and scratch and whatever they can find. They are eating, egg-laying machines!!

All six guineas are still accounted for. They arrived on Sunday and initially weren't sure they wanted to stay. I rounded them up Sunday night by covering the sleepy group with a sheet and put them in the coop. Next morning they weren't sure they wanted to come out! Now they go in and out like pros, but they sure eat a lot of chicken feed!!

It's time to put Moritz in with the girls, but I might wait until Sunday. It should dry up a little, and we can move the electro-net to make a new pasture for the lambs. The vet is coming Tuesday to "wether" the ram lambs, so I can start feeding them for market.

The trees are turning, and the leaves are wonderful hues of gold, red, and deep green. I love this time of year, as the harvest comes in, we put up the fruits and vegetables of our labors, and look forward to the feast of Thanksgiving. This year we'll gather at mom's house--it will be like old times to have her home, matriarch of our feast. But first we have to get through Halloween and the wedding!

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