Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's warm and sunny today, it was warm and sunny yesterday, and the day before that, and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow.

The orange ladybeetles, slayers of soybean aphids, are swarming at every door, window, nook, and cranny of the house. But what's a few bugs when you think of all those soybeans being saved from the voracious aphids! Maybe there are too many soybeans, and that's why there are too many aphids, and that's why we have to deal with chemicals in our water supply and biological controls biting the hell out of us and stinking up our houses when the crops are harvested. Layer upon layer . . .

Ranting aside, a lot of work got done this past weekend. Wood was cut, gates and feeders were constructed, and I found someone to fix the spinning wheel that Gram (my grandndmother) gave me!! I think it will really be fixed this time!

I've been spinning when I can but not enough to build up my inventory. The photo is some of my yarn undyed and some that I dyed at Natural Dye Day at Forest Glen County Park in September. The scarf will include all 8 colors: walnut, marigold, goldenrod, cosmos, indigo, marigold overdyed with indigo (green), pokeberry, and cochineal.

The septic system should be finished by Thursday, but it's supposed to rain. We'll see what happens. So far the chickens are having a great time hunting bugs in the open trenches. We're up to 5 eggs most days--now I need egg customers!!

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