Monday, October 26, 2009

Eggs!! We're getting 6 a day now, chickens are running all over the farm, scratching in the mud where the new drain field was put in, and occasionally sneaking into the barn to look for spilled grain. Every now and then the guineas fly over the fence into the electrified sheep pasture. They can't figure out how to fly back out and run the fence and squawk and carry on until I rescue them. We still have all six. Watching the chickens scratch up tasty bits in the yard and pastures and listening to their convivial clucks brings such contentment!

Parts of the garden are still hanging on, I still have pears to attend to in Mom's fridge, and I'm spinning like crazy trying to get ready for the Spinners and Weavers' Guild show and sale (Friday and Saturday, November 6th and 7th). The outdoor tasks are piling up again, and that will probably continue for a while. The rains seem to come when I schedule time for outdoor tasks.

Farm Beginnings is going along well, Session 2 is over, although I have a few assignments to complete tomorrow before I can take off the rest of the week to do final prep for our Halloween wedding. It's hard to look forward to it because of the seemingly endless list of things to be checked off before the day. It will probably be an anticlimax for Ken and me in the way a big meal is an anticlimax for the cook. I hope our guests have a great time!!

Today it's cloudy, in the 60s, and we haven't yet had a serious frost. The weather has caused a very damp harvest with farmers losing money because their grain has to be dried at the elevator. Generally, the moisture content is too high for grain to be dried on the farm. I wish the farms were more diverse and everyone had more choices to make in the interest of their own profits and well-being. I wish I wish. Commodity farmers have to take whatever they're offered at the elevator, and it's the sole source of revenue for their farms and families. There is something to be said for feeding that grain to livestock that you then use to feed your family and community.

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