Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great post from Tom Laskaway on industrial beef and food safety. Follows up on a front-page article in the NYT this past Sunday. This is a big deal--local beef producers should be hearing from more potential customers soon. If my mom read it, she would never eat another hamburger.

Beautiful fall weather. Preserving in full swing. Only two and a half more boxes of pears (and 6 giant zucchinis) to go. Oh, and a few peppers to smoke and dry and hang in ristras.

The sky is so blue it feels like the West. Seamus and I are thinking of Alex, high school biology teacher in Gallup, New Mexico. Teach them to eat locally, Alex! Give them a fire in their bellies to raise their own food and food for their communities! Seamus and I miss you!


  1. Doing what I can! Travis is starting his own small scale coffee roasting company, Whitney is interested in seeing some of your wool...

  2. I'll take some photos and post them.