Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're having the first real winter in East Central Illinois in many years. Since New Year's Eve, the lows have been around zero at night and highs around 10 or 12 during the day. Brrr! This old farmhouse is hard to heat when it's so cold.

The sheep, well protected by their wool, are happy, and I'm thankful that we don't lamb early. This weather would make for lambsicles! The chickens are still laying, but they spend much more time in the chateau, and if I don't gather eggs twice a day, we lose some to freezing.

Gracie is still here, although I will be delivering her to Guardian Dog Rescue in St. Louis so they can re-educate her as a livestock guardian. I have also applied to adopt a trained adult male from the same organization. I hope it works out; I would like to become more competent in the management and training of these wonderful dogs!

It's beautiful in spite of the cold, clear and sunny during the day, and the night sky is bursting with stars. According to Ed Kieser, the AM580 meteorologist, we are in for several more inches of snow by Thursday night, which will be followed by 30 mph winds and more arctic temps. Thursday might be a great day to ski!

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