Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter Tranquility

(I am resuming my blog; the urge surprised me. I will make it simple--maybe I can keep up with it.)
 Winter, for me, is a time for reflection. Each morning as I step outside to feed the stock, this lovely spot that we call home fills me with peace and purpose.

First I look up at the sky and the clouds. Sometimes the air is so clear and the sky is such a deep blue that I know I am seeing into the void beyond our planet. 

I feel the air on my face as I walk to the barn. Sunny or gray, cold or mild, damp or dry, windy or calm? Is a storm a day or two away, or are we destined for a few mild, sunny days?

Are the chickens content in their yard--looking for scratch and food from me, or are they distracted by predators or the cacaphony of startled guineas, always on the lookout for danger. Are the sheep watching and waiting and baa-ing loudly for breakfast?

And the dogs, those special guardians that live with and protect the sheep, are they waiting to greet me as I come up the drive toward the barn?

Today, this reflection is about how lucky I am to be here and part of the life of this little farm.

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