Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The last week has provided us with beautiful weather for outside work. We've put a cord of wood in the shed, built a crib to hold it, and rebuilt the fence for the chicken yard (half of it was pulled out to make way for the drainfield).

The chickens are noisy, busy, happy, and really like their freedom, so I'm leaving the gate open. I often find them on the slope leading down to the river helping themselves to whatever bugs they can find. Yesterday, though, I had to run downstairs and outside to shoo them off the road twice--they've discovered the corn across the road in the neighbor's field. They also like to scratch in the beds near the house. They are laying 10 or 11 eggs per day, and I haven't found any outside the coop. The hens always manage to go back and lay them in the nesting boxes in the chicken chateau.

We still have 6 guineas, and they are now roosting in the tree just outside the chicken yard. The chickens, and especially the rooster, chase them away from the food. They are very handsome birds--now that they are maturing, their "bibs" are a lovely lavendar color when the sun shines on them.

Thanksgiving plans are going forward, and it promises to be a little lonesome--Alex and Neil will be in Wyoming with their grandfather. Mom will be in town, as will brother Jim and perhaps Bill and Ernie. I believe the boys will be home for Christmas, so we have that to look forward to. Seamus will be overjoyed--I'm a very poor substitute for his "boy."

Since the change from daylight savings, I've been able to spin in the evenings. My inventory is increasing gradually, and I hope to have enough yarn to justify renting a booth at Lincoln Square on one of the Saturdays before Christmas. I hope to dye some of the white in time to sell before Christmas as well. The holiday season is almost upon us!

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